A bloody taboo

Hello again, and before anything I apologize for not writing for so long here. You know the effect holidays have in people. Oh well, they'll be over soon.

This post will be short, and I will be talking of something that is a banned subject of conversation: menstruation. Did you ever wonder how women in those times did? How did they manage to deal with it? I mean, it's not like they could hop off to the closest convenience store.

Well, to the higher classess, they could indeed buy some and they made their own towels and straps. In the lower classess, guess. They just let it flow, leaving sometimes a blood train behind. Eeeew! Should be troublesome for vampires.

On the other hand, women died earlier than these days, and they were pregnant a lot of time, since there was no contraceptives methods and it was their "duty".

I am currently working on a blog project, I'll tell you more when I can!

See ya! :-D :-)